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I like to think this song is about a guy who was playing Monopoly with his friend and then he got sent to jail so he got really mad and murdered his friend.


The rain was pouring
the sky was dark as shit
I dreaded going outside

But I knew that the quicker I went the faster this was done
and I didn't want to waste a minute.

I grabbed the garbage bag
I dragged it to my car
Popped the trunk and struggled to throw it in.

Covered in towels and staining my interior
I locked it tight and prepared for the drive

It's not my fault.
I didn't mean to do that thing I did.
And to be quite honest I think I'm the victim here
You're gone but I still have to clean it up!

You're so selfish
You're so selfish

I park the car and step back out into the rain
swing around, unlock the trunk, and drag you out.
The lake looks beautiful at this time of the night
even with the darkened skies and rotting flesh

But before I have the chance to get you out of my life
flashing lights, blaring horns, and pointed guns.
I can't believe this is happening to me
When I clearly am not the one at fault.

It's not my fault.
I swear it was an accident; I slipped
And to be quite honest I think I'm the victim here
I just lost my best friend!


from ジェレミー, released September 4, 2014


tags: pop Detroit



Jeremy Medina Detroit, Michigan

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